Car Audio Blog: Head Units | CD Players

Your Head Unit is the brain of your Car Audio System. Today, we have a very wide and diverse selection to choose from. There are so many things to consider, when thinking about which Head Unit will be right for you. Some people are fine with having pills of CD’s stuffed under the seat (and everywhere else) inside of your vehicle. But, most of the time when purchasing a new Head Unit , the plan is to eliminate all of those old CD’s. One great way to do this is to get a Head Unit that’s compatible with your mp3 player, like the ipod or Zune. These mp3 players hold a tremendous amounts of information, some up-to 60gb! The Microsoft Zune is especially good because it will display the video content as while, as play your mp3’s (if anyone know if the ipod will do this, please let us know). Bluetooth is also a great technology to consider when purchasing your knew Head Unit . Bluetooth will allow you to transmit the sound form your Bluetooth handset thru out your entire system. You may be asking, “Why would I want to do that?” Not only will you be able to make those voice calls thru your car audio system (you must have voice enabled dialing for this feature), you will also be able to use your phones navigation system to give you turn by turn directions. How cool is that! Last but not least is the Head Unit s with SD card readers . These allow you to place a small SD car reader into your Head Unit , and access most of the files on their. Our customers love this feature, because it eliminates all of the hardware. With a Head Unit with SD card reader capabilities, you will be able to play movies (in mp4 format), music videos, all of your music, and pictures that can be displayed on your screen. This is a great benefit to have as the storage capacity on these SD Cards continue to grow.

The brain of the a good car stereo system is the head unit but you also need a heart. The heart of the system needs to be your speakers. You can have all the features you want in the head unit but you need to listen to your system and the music. You need the brain and the heart together to enjoy your music. Just ask yourself this question, “where does sound comes from in your system?” so getting a good quality speakers it will drastically make a difference in your sound. Compare OEM speakers or better known factory speakers. OEM speakers are made of paper and foam, also the made reason why factory speaker break, the foam surrounding gets rotten with humidity and heat over a period of time. An after market speaker is made out of polymer/mica cone with rubber surround, this materials are made to resist must of the weather changes in your car. In addition must of after market speakers come with a tweeter which is the heart of the speakers. Tweeters will give you those high frequencies that you are lacking in factory systems. Resuming, with a better speakers which is made better and have a tweeter so you can hear the high definition sounds you are missing from the OEM speaker, will help you achieve much better sound with the help of a head unit. Oh, I forgot for those who like to play it loud, an after market speakers will have better power handling capability than an OEM, which means you can add an amplifier you don’t have to worry about blowing speakers plus adding even better sound quality to your system. There is a saying that us certified installers use that has been proven over and over again, “A component or complete system is as good as the weakest part of the system” in another words a head unit hook to OEM speakers is still going to sound like the OEM system, even if the head unit is providing more power. So make sure to try to budget at least one pair of speakers with your head unit to achieve the best possible sound you are looking for. And that mean no matter how basic the speaker is, if they are made better than the OEM and specially have a tweeter you are going to gain so much sound. So get at least one pair of speakers and I promise you will enjoy your system so much more.